Preparing for Dinner
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Kella was reading about how to focus the mind to perform a spell when the book was unceremoniously plucked from her hands and moved aside. She looked up to see Myrtle standing next to her, with her lips pressed into thin lines.

“Your bath has been prepared,” Myrtle said, pointing to the far corner of the room where the washroom door was open and waiting.

“Oh,” Kella said, looking up at Myrtle apologetically. “Thanks.”

“Call me when you finish, and I will help you prepare for dinner,” Myrtle said, effectively shooing her from her desk.

Kella blinked at her in confusion.

“It’s almost dinner?”

Myrtle sighed and shook her head.

“Go!” was all she said.

Kella went.

Taroy kept a smile...

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Table of Contents

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