Figuring It Out
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Lord Perrin’s new guest was breathtaking, though Taroy doubted Perrin had noticed. He was grateful Lord Perrin trusted him with this assignment; few other tasks in the keep were as easy on the eyes, even if it was murder on his feet. He shifted his stance, trying to find the least uncomfortable position.

Kella read for the rest of the morning and straight through lunch. Taroy could tell she was absorbed in her reading, and hadn’t noticed Myrtle’s collection of the breakfast tray and deposit of the lunch tray. Wandering closer to the desk, Taroy surveyed lunch: soup, a sandwich, a glass of wine, coffee, and a fruit salad. He pressed the sandwich into Kella’s hand and helped himself to the soup and salad, watching as Kella continued to read and eat her sandwich obediently. Thinking he cou...

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