Sunrise Goodbyes
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The sun rose six days later, just like it always did. Taroy stared out the window at the dawn, but he wasn’t seeing it. He’d pulled an oversized armchair to this spot, so he could look out with his feet propped up on the windowsill. 

It was the second most comfortable place in his Tower room, besides the bed.

Except his bed was a place of nightmares. In it, he repeatedly dreamed of standing in the great hall, with Perrin and Kella unconscious at his feet with a spreading pool of blood trickling from Kella’s back where Perrin had stabbed her with his knife. 

He never noticed Nialdaman in his dreams, though he knew Nialdaman had lain there too. But in his dreams he saw only Kella and Perrin.


Taroy had watched five days ago as Perrin, completely...

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