Facing Perrin
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Kella would have preferred to stay unconscious for as long as possible. Her mind, her body, her spirit, were all bone tired. She wanted to sink into oblivion and not return. After hours of not being able to feel anything while the Prayer ran its course through her, she felt worn out now that the Prayer was complete. All of her muscles – including muscles she didn’t know she had – were throbbing and weak. Her head was pounding to the beat of her heart, which was slow and lazy. She could hear it in her ears and, when she opened her eyes, her vision pulsed too.

She blinked, sensing light around her, but her eyes wouldn’t focus. Someone gripped her hand tightly, and someone stroked her hair. Kella sighed, drowsing.

Then the blood pounding in her ears was lessened slightly as the so...

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Table of Contents

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