Taroy's Odds
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There was a long pause. Taroy sensed a lessening of magic in the room, though he couldn’t say why. He paused to look around the room, and saw the others had noticed it as well.

He’d just helped Grinnell take the twenty-second man of thirty-two from the room. They’d been rushing from man to man, ferrying them quickly to the waiting caravans. But the twenty-third man still lay on his cot, unmoving. It hadn't taken this long to heal since Kella started with the first.

All eyes shifted to the magi in the middle of the room.

“How long can they keep this up?” Taroy asked out loud. He pushed an empty cot out of his way and went to Kella.

Her eyes were closed, but he could see her lids fluttering. As he got closer, he had to look at her over and over...

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