Nialdaman's Prayer
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Kella was exhausted. She was so worn out from working magic with Nialdaman that she almost didn’t notice when Taroy led her back to their horse and tried to help her mount it before him. 


Kella gave an involuntary gasp and frantically threw her arms around Taroy’s waist. Taroy had a moment of surprise before he forgot all about the horse and folded her against his chest. He held her tightly, and Kella was glad for the chance to have a moment with him. She was embarrassed to be caught off guard by the horse but too tired to care.

Over the course of her life, Kella had never cared about someone the way she was feeling about Taroy. The unknown aspect of their trek up the mountain was making her realize how strongly she was growing attached to him. Somehow he had in...

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Table of Contents

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