The Unspoken Truth
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“So what is it, then,” Taroy asked Nialdaman when they were on the road for a few minutes, “why did Perrin make up a story about you so Kella would decipher your spell book?”

Kella couldn’t wait either, she wanted to know the whole story about Perrin and the spell book. She was busy trying to keep her fear of the horse below her under control, and hadn’t pulled her wits about her to go back to Nialdaman’s story. She was glad Taroy spoke up.

“Because he needs a woman to heal his son,” Nialdaman replied. “A woman wizard.”

Kella lifted her head and peered at Nialdaman with her mouth dangling open like a loose hinge.

“Wha-?” she gurgled.

“That part takes a longer explanation,” Nialdaman said. “It is pa...

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