Dawn on the Mountain
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The sky lightened imperceptibly. Taroy started to make out the faces of the men traveling with them. The hearty man who rode beside him was on a beast of a horse. With a wild red beard and a hairless head, the man looked like one of the Desmarque warriors from the north. The man’s muscular arms, torso and legs contributed to the impression.

But then the man turned his face toward Taroy, sensing the silent inspection. Taroy saw, just below the man’s right eye, the curving tattoo worn by the magic users in the northern capital of Jinjerang.

“The wizard’s mark,” Taroy said.

The man bowed his head slightly in affirmation, but said nothing.

Taroy’s mouth dried out.

It couldn’t be a coincidence that this wizard, a magic-user like Kella, was here amon...

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Table of Contents

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