The Spell Ends
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Taroy, Myrtle and Perrin felt the change in the room. As they watched, lights around them winked out one-by-one until they were in utter darkness, with Kella’s candle the only light left in the room. Taroy’s head swam as he watched Kella blur slightly in his eyes. She was shimmering, as if her body was filled with light. The hair on his arms and neck stood up, and he felt his mother grab his hand. Without looking at her, Taroy knew she was feeling the same sensations. Clenching his jaw, he blinked his eyes rapidly, trying to clear them of moisture.

“Yes,” Perrin whispered. “She’s going to do it! Soon the Prayer will be mine.”

Wrenching his gaze from Kella, Taroy glanced over at Perrin and went cold. The lord was transfixed. He was watching Kella hungrily while h...

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