The Spell Begins
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Sometime around dusk, the hairs on the back of Kella’s neck stood up on end, and she knew it was time. Soon enough the magic singing all around her would be at its full height, and she had to be ready. A knot of nervous tension filled her belly as she thought of the task ahead. She had never performed magic like she would tonight; in the past it had been born of instinct and necessity. She urgently hoped her lack of training wouldn’t come back to curse her now. If she did fail, Kella had no idea what she would do.

She glanced sideways at Taroy. He gave her a small nod that gave her some assurance. Myrtle smiled at her nervously. Kella knew these two believed in her and were hoping for the best. She didn’t want to let them down.

Pushing these thoughts from her mind,...

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Table of Contents

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