Before the Moon Rises
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Today was the day. Today when the moon rose, Kella could use what she had learned in Perrin’s books to unlock Nialdaman’s spells at last. She had spent the morning re-reading her notes. She was anxious for tonight to be a success and dreading what would happen if things did not go well. She had to be successful.

Some time after breakfast, Taroy was called away to take care of his duties. He squeezed her hand before he left and told her not to worry. She pretended she was fine and then slumped in her chair when he was gone. Myrtle sat with her and worked on her knitting but she gave Kella a sympathetic smile.

“Hmm, I wonder if we’ll get a visitor now,” Myrtle mumbled.

Kella looked up from the paper she was reading and frowned at Myrtle curiously.

“What do...

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Table of Contents

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