The Aviary
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The aviary.

Kella took four steps forward and tried to take it in. They were at the top. The outer wall circled the tower at about chest height. It had no ceiling. In the center was a round fire pit circled by fluffy pillows, cushions and blankets.

Tax moved forward to light the fire pit.

Kella hardly noticed. She was staring up – straight up into the clear night sky, where it seemed like an army of stars were shining down on her.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Perrin murmured to her.

Kella nodded. She was enchanted by the way she could almost reach out and snatch the stars from the sky. There was no distraction of people bustling around her or the lights from shops and homes in the city. It felt like it was just her, Perrin and Tax, all alone with the stars f...

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