Magic Is Gathering
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Kella hissed.

“Stop it, Taroy,” she said. “It’s still sore!”

“Sorry,” Taroy said, pulling his fingers immediately away from her cheek.

Kella was sitting at the desk, feeling better and already back to her books as if nothing had happened. She had been resting her head on one hand as she studied. Taroy had been unable to stay away from her any longer. He had always needed to touch things and handle them to make them real. He had just wanted to press his fingers to the edges of Kella’s cheek where it was marked by Perrin.

“Clumsy boy!” Myrtle accused him, pushing him with all her weight away from Kella. “Go eat your lunch.”

Myrtle had stayed with Kella all morning, sitting in Taroy’s chair to do some knitting. At lun...

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