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Perrin sat at his dining table eating breakfast when Taroy knocked and entered the dining hall. At his side was Tax, Perrin’s guardmaster. The two were having a hushed conversation, and looked up as he came in. Taroy had a sinking feeling in his stomach. Tax was his superior, and the only father-like figure Taroy had ever known. It hurt to know he had likely disappointed Tax.

“Sit down and eat with me, Taroy,” Perrin said. “Tax was just leaving.”

Taroy nodded at Tax, who eyed him curiously, and came to sit next to the lord. A servant brought him a plate and goblet. 

“I will finish my report in the morning,” Tax said to Perrin. Taroy saw him leave. As soon as the guardmaster was gone, Perrin turned to face him.

“Why was there no guard posted o...

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