When Morning Comes
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Sleeping in Taroy’s arms was nice. Kella woke a few times in the night but was able to quickly fall asleep again. She had never spent the night with a man in her bed before. It was strange and wonderful at the same time. Taroy hardly moved, and if he did, it was to nuzzle her or squeeze her. It should have been awkward to have someone be so close but Kella was okay with it. She liked it.

There was no sense of night passing and morning approaching. A loud crash of crockery startled her awake.

Taroy was instantly up on his feet with his sword in hand, looking for the intrusion. His speed started her. Kella sat up blearily, much more slowly, and heard Taroy groan.

“Good morning, Myrtle,” he said.

Kella looked over to the desk where Myrtle was standing. The bre...

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