Waiting Games
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In the afternoon, Kella finally figured out two things. She now knew how to unspell Nialdaman’s book. That, and that Perrin was lying to her.

The book was the easy part. Perrin was not.

The last piece of information she needed for making Nialdaman’s book readable fit together in her mind, and she knew how it should go, but she was missing one element. The moon. The moon would not shine appropriately on them for at least another two weeks. Disappointed that she had to wait, Kella was nevertheless excited to work the magic so she could begin reading Nialdaman’s book.

What she was not excited about was wading into the quagmire of Perrin’s mind. His mind was strangely shifting, and she didn’t want to make any mistakes with him that could threaten how he treated her mother....

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