Tarnish (3)
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Finally, Mrs. Cleveland sat in a chair beside Adelaide. "I'm sorry to force you to dwell further on what was undoubtedly an unpleasant encounter. I must ask you a few questions. First, what questions did he ask you?"

Adelaide frowned as she recalled the details of the conversation. "First he wanted my name. Actually, perhaps he didn't ask that of me. Not directly, at least. The only other thing he wanted to know was what I saw in the looking glass. Please forgive me, but I am quite confused by all of this. What is happening?"

Mrs. Cleveland sighed. "A few more questions, my dear, and then I will explain. Tell me what he wore."

"Ragged yellow silk," Adelaide said, confident for the first time. "Much like the color of my gown, but more of an Oriental st...

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