Chapter Twenty / So Wrong
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Melanie had a minor pain a little before midnight on Wednesday.  She rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.  After a few minutes of lying in the dark with her eyes closed, the pressure on her bladder made her have to head for the bathroom.

Her thirty-five-week check-up was the previous Friday.  She was dilated to three centimeters at the time.  Her obstetrician, Dr. Bennett, had once again gone over the signs of labor.  She stepped back out into the hallway and her water broke.  The gush of liquid from between her legs made a huge puddle of wetness on the floor.  She had been instructed to call immediately if this happened.

Nathan’s heard the ringtone, and fumbled for his cell.  He managed a strained, “Hello.”

“Dr. Bennett wants me at the...

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