Chapter Eleven / Double Date
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Aiden had to shake Kate to wake her up the next morning.  She was slightly annoyed that he had disturbed her slumber, until he reminded her of the kids.  The time had come to resume her duties as a grown up.  After a quick shower, she was on her way with him to Meredith and Elliott’s apartment, silently cursing herself for the alcohol consumption.

Nathan was amused at her disheveled appearance.  Even in jeans and a t-shirt with a ponytail, his angel was the most beautiful and desirable creature on the planet.  She had been unbearably hard to resist the temptation only mere hours before.

Kate took a seat across from him at the table.  He had just finished eating and stood up to wait on her.  As he placed a cup of coffee with two sugars and cream in front of her, sh...

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