Chapter Seven / Assumptions
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Aiden soon had the opportunity to meet Howard.  He was stopping by to see his daughter every few days.  Kate tried to avoid him, but was holed up in her bedroom, chatting with her brother, when the knock came on her door.  Her sibling protectively walked over to open it, and came face to face with the formidable adversary.

Howard tried to barge right past Aiden, but the younger man barricaded his way to his sister with his body.  Howard took a deep breath to show his irritation and spoke sternly as he directed his order to Kate.  “You can have your newest lover try to keep me away from you all you want, but I need to speak to you alone—now.”

She played along.  “Anything you have to say to me you can say in front of Aiden.  We don’t hav...

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