Ch. 8: Blood, Mud, and Ashes (4)
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Sage’s nostrils flared and his eyes found the blood, watching it fall to the ground. He took a wild swing at Andrew’s throat, but Andrew’s sword was already arcing through the air, and it took off the vampire’s arm just below the shoulder. No blood spilled from the wound, but the vampire threw his head back in a cry of pain. Andrew was just about to put his stake into Sage’s chest, when a furry shape in his peripheral made him duck instinctively.

            Zezil jumped onto Andrew’s bent back and used him as a launching pad to reach the vampire called Thetis who was flying overhead. Thetis’ arm was so badly mauled it was barely attached to his shoulder and dangling limply as he flew, but it was healing fast. Zezil sought to remedy t...

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