Ch. 8: Blood, Mud, and Ashes (3)
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Andromeda closed her eyes. “I can’t be sure. The animals have no real sense of numbers, and I can’t sense the vampires. Neither can Aquila. Zezil can only smell them.”

            Aquila’s high call of warning made them look around just in time to see a dark shape barreling toward them through the trees. A clawed hand snatched Andromeda’s braid as she ducked, yanking her off her feet and into the air. Erro slashed the hand with his rapier, taking off two fingers. Andromeda landed in a crouch, and the small party instinctively pressed their backs together, but it was short-lived. The horses snorted and reared at the strange scent of the living dead, and their flying hooves forced the group to scatter.


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