The Hybrid King (3)
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The werewolf fixed its yellow eyes on her, and Felicity took advantage of its distraction and plunged her blade into its neck just as Andromeda screamed, “Gregor, look out!”


            Gregor, who was running for the brown wolf, broadsword raised above his head, locked eyes with Andromeda just as the fifth and final wolf—a gray, mangy, half-starved thing—leapt from the trees and collided with him. His sword went flying, and he hit the ground hard enough to concuss himself. The wolf tore into his neck, spraying blood across the grass, Gregor’s beard, and its own muzzle. It whimpered when Andrew’s arrow stuck it in the back of the neck, but it kept eating without looking up. Michael’s sword cracked its skull, and at last it c...

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