Ch. 32: Werewolf Ball (1)
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Andromeda waited in her castle courtyard for her knight to return. The lush green space full of her mother’s favorite pink roses was not as splendid as the one in Alatreon, but tonight it was even more peaceful than usual. Everyone was readying themselves for the ball. It was to be the second celebration of the war’s end. The first had been a wild, ruckus thing that spilled into the streets of Alatreon even as parts of it smoldered and the wall still bore its scars. This would be a more formal event, a time to renew and celebrate old and new treaties, establish friendships. There would be elves, fairies, nymphs, dryads, centaurs, and even werewolves in attendance.

              Many of Tyrannus’ willing followers still refused to mingle wi...

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