Ch. 30: The Tipping Scale (Part 2) (5)
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man, slicing his side below the armpit with his remaining dagger as he did so. Now he was behind Brock, and he gave him a hard kick in the buttocks that knocked him flat on the ground, driving the embedded blade all the way through Brock’s shoulder. It was only then that he looked.

              Andromeda was wedged between Atalanta and Andrew atop a white elf horse. She was trying to dismount while the horse was still moving, her eyes locked on him. But just as she got her leg over, nearly kicking Andrew in the face, a massive brown werewolf, the alpha, collided with the horse, claws and teeth first. The horse brayed in terror and toppled under the weight, its riders with it. Erro took a single, purposeful step forward without thinking, but then his eyes...

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