Ch. 30: The Tipping Scale (Part 2) (4)
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Aquila snatched Brock into the air with his beak before the troll king had time to turn his head to the right and ponder lifting his club. Brock screamed in pain and fear as Aquila’s beak dug into his shoulder. Erro shifted course, following Aquila away from Tyrannus’ inner circle, away from the din of the battle behind him, and into open field. Aquila tossed Brock into the grass, where he floundered, clutching at his arm. Erro spared the line of kings one look, just long enough to realize Tyrannus apparently cared little for the raider as no one was coming for him, before closing in, a grin on his face. His heart beat erratically. His lungs burned from exertion. A wild giddiness plastered the smile on his face, a rush of adrenaline and nerves and elation. In truth, he felt slightly sick. His hands sho...

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