Ch. 30: The Tipping Scale (Part 2) (3)
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that they melded into an ever-shifting but united entity, but now she was in the dark belly of the beast. Felicity’s racing heart fueled the adrenaline that hardened her muscles and sharpened her focus, but still it pitter pattered in fear as she realized she was now far outnumbered on the field, her allies behind her. She had Zezil, but he wasn’t exactly staying close. The vexar fought wildly, only focusing on one enemy long enough to satisfy his blood lust before pouncing on another. Felicity’s elvish horse was strong and battle trained, and it never stopped its charge. It leapt over a speared and dying wolf, crushing a goblin under its hooves as it went. A troll thundered toward her, club lifted high over its head. Suddenly there was elf cavalry at her back. An arrow pierced the troll’s makeshift boiled leat...

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