Ch. 30: The Tipping Scale (Part 1) (3)
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The rage struck her with the force of a giant’s club as she traced her fingers over her stomach, now thin and toned, as cold and perfect as the marble of the palace walls. “But you didn’t get, Tilly. No. I made certain of that.”

              “Did you? You left her alone in a burning elf village. She is ash or rotting flesh,” he spat, pumping his wings once and holding them close to his sides to zoom toward her. “You are eternal, and it is I you have to thank,” he said, hovering in front of her. “Even now, I protect you. I kept you at my side in a place of honor. I kept you safe as we crossed the wall.” His hand encircled her throat. “And I will have gratitude, pet. Now stick close, or I will throw...

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