Ch. 30: The Tipping Scale (Part 1) (1)
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Felicity knew all was lost when she looked at the crumbling remains of the wall. It did not matter how many elf soldiers were on the ground, surging together to crush the werewolf pack beneath the weight of swords, shields, and mail. It did not matter that the griffins were circling, snatching away unwilling souls—of which it seemed there were not many left. The griffins sank their claws all the way through the necks of many wolves and the wings of many vampires, tossing them to the elves to finish with silver and stakes, but there were not enough of them. The vampire hoard was flying straight for the wall, never stopping to fight. The wolf line was breaking, but the shifting ball of black wings surged forward. It didn’t matter that the fairies were tossing fireballs into their midst. The pain didn&rs...

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