Ch. 28: When Angels Weep Pt. 2 (4)
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at her feet, and Andrew’s arm appeared in front of her face as she used a sleeve to wipe blood from her eyes. She grabbed his wrist in one hand and his saddle in the other and hoisted herself up to sit behind him. As Andrew drove his horse onward, Andromeda turned to look for her mare. She saw it stagger to its feet, blood spilling from a wound on its side. With a toss of its head, it made off for Alatreon, scattering troops as it went. She felt a pang of loss watching the animal go and prayed the wound wasn’t fatal.

              When she turned her head back to look over Andrew’s shoulder, she saw he had his steed’s head aimed right for a troll that was wildly swinging its club at the end of its overly long arm, sending elves flying into t...

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