Ch. 20: Unchained(1)
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              Melanie circled the shifting crowd below. Captive elves where shunted left and right between vampires and werewolves, slowly crafting two lines. The mass of bodies seemed to breathe and take life of its own. Melanie could hear the clink and rattle of the iron shackles closing. High screeches of metal made Melanie flinch. Shackles that had been broken in her own conversion were bent back into place by brute force, and the metal screamed its displeasure. Though her eyes were attuned to the large group of captives and captors, her eyes were locked on the small circle a few yards away. She found the top of Tilly’s head, the brown curls matted and wild. A smile warmed Melanie’s expression when she saw her daughter’s small hand wrapped...

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