Ch. 18: A New Course (3)
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to prepare the kingdom. Barion is being fortified as I sit to write this. As soon as the ink has dried on this parchment, I shall write summons to all of my lords, so that we might prepare for battle. I’m sending a letter for King Zanthus Galechaser along with Sir Boris as well to let him know that should Tyrannus move on the elves first, as he’s already taken the step to kidnap Atalanta, my army shall join his on his soil. I’ve also noted that I hope he will make the same promise to me. I have no doubt that, thanks to you and your siblings, he will not hesitate. I have sent a large garrison to the Northern Wood to take care of the raiding party you spoke of. At a time like this, I cannot have our people plagued by soulless humans alongside Diseased Ones, especially not those so deplora...

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