Ch. 17: Venomous Heart (2)
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trees, the earth, and the muzzles of the wolves. Melanie tried to keep her eyes on the children, but fighting bodies kept blocking her view. Brent held Tilly this time; the girl who’d held her when Joseph was slaughtered had a whole mess of clinging, screaming children to comfort this time. Brent kept Tilly’s eyes buried in his tunic and placed his hands over her ears, but his own eyes were fixed on his mother and father. His mother had been bitten across the face, and blood stained her orange hair deep crimson, almost black. His father clutched at the gaping wound on his neck and shoulder, his other hand groping for his wife. Brent’s cries were lost in the din.

            An eternity passed, but the end came too soon. Brent’s parents, Fion...

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