Ch. 12: The Palace Under the Mountain (5)
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Erro and the Avalons approached the railing and looked up and down. They were in the middle of five spiraling levels. The very bottom was a stone atrium where a few people milled around on their way to other places.

            “This way,” said Michael, waving them after him toward a staircase in the distance. There were doors spaced unevenly along the left-hand side of the passageway, but Michael never paused at any of them. Just as they were almost to the staircase, a slight man who looked in a hurry, shuffling his feet over the stone so fast he almost tripped when he looked back over his shoulder, appeared from it and came toward them. Trying their best not to stiffen up, the small party walked with purpose, hardly sparing him a glance. He returned the favor, r...

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