Ch. 11: Blood Sacrifice (6)
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for you.” She stopped and ran her hands over her face and through her hair. Her voice, which had been so fierce at the start, had broken just at the end. He almost went to her, but she spoke again. “Most of all I’ve missed you. It’s a terrible ache deep in my chest, and it’s plagued me from the moment you turned your back. And from the moment I saw your face again, it’s vanished and been replaced by furious elation and … and an uncertainty that’s somehow pleasant each time you look at me or speak to me. And I want to hate it and curse it, and curse you for so easily swaying my emotions, because though I can’t feel it, I can still remember that ache you left behind. And I never wish to feel it again. But I can’t hate you or curse you … not when you’...

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