Ch. 11: Blood Sacrifice (4)
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boiling water splashed over the lip, scalding the goblins nearest it. But the basin began to tip back into place, and Aquila’s wing beats grew labored. A black and grey wrecking ball slammed into the basin at the base, and the smell of singed fur reached the Avalons’ noses from across the room. Zezil backed off, sneezing and whining and rubbing at his muzzle, but no more effort was needed from him. The basin toppled, sending boiling water rushing out at the remaining members of the goblin hoard. Those in the far corners of the room only suffered scalded feet, but it was enough to send them clambering over one another, running for the jagged stone walls which they tried their best to climb. The Avalons ran back into the tunnel system as the water came for them.


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