JM-Chapter 4 (2)
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“I get it, Jody, I really do, but she may not be very talkative to a complete stranger about an aunt she’s loved all her life.  I mean, we need to tread carefully on this one.”

     We booked our flight out in a couple of hours to Asheville Regional Airport.  It would be a twenty to thirty minute drive out to Biltmore, where Mona Rae lived.  We gathered our belongings, once again, and headed for the airport.

     Jody and I landed in Asheville without incident and rented a car.  I set the GPS to Mona Rae’s address and we started off.

     I pulled the car up into the driveway and noticed how normal and unpretentious the house looked.  I guess I thought a relative of Marilyn’s would live in a...

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