Jody's Mom-Chapter 1 (2)
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my hair when I got out, to minimize the frizzies.  I sat on the edge of the bed, dressed in jeans and a fuchsia t-shirt, drinking my cup of coffee, and watching the morning news.  I made sure I had my tape recorder in my main bag, along with several blank tapes.  I also made sure I had my steno pad and a few pens.

     I made my way down to the lobby to get some breakfast and found a huge buffet set up.  There was almost everything there!  Eggs fixed in almost every way, breakfast meats, cut up fruit and mixed in small plastic bowls, and pastries of every kind.  I filled up a plateful of food and found a table near the window.

     As I ate, I gazed out the window and watched cars go in and out of the hotel parking lot.&nb...

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