Chapter 2: Kayleigh Bourne
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St. Magnus meetings were usually held at Char's house. Jagger would never forget the time he had her make a costume shirt for him. She swung by his apartment to drop it off. A cute, buxom blonde rode shotgun, and Char leaned over and whispered something to her. She responded to Char with an eager nod, and Char leaned out of the driver's side window.

"Hey, Jagger," she said. "My friend Sara here wants me to drop her off so she can help you with the shirt, if you know what I mean." The two women had suggestive smiles. Jagger took in the sight of Sara. She smiled at him, and he recalled her as a one-time faire patron. 

"Come on in, Sara," Jagger invited. 

"Are you okay, Jagger?" she asked.

"Oh, you mean my breakup with Sabrina?" Jagg...

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