The Days Go By
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     H-- invited me over tonight for a private fashion show. Price of admission? A Greek salad and a bottle of tequila.

     She was in a silk robe and heels when I arrived. Her hair was pulled back and a pair of oversized sunglasses rested atop her head. She used the tequila to mix three Sunrises. The third was for her ex. B-- was watching a movie in the living room. H-- asked Alexa to play Jack Johnson, and I followed her up to the bedroom- H--, not Alexa, although she was there, too.

     I asked Alexa to tell a joke. I can’t help myself. H-- didn’t think it was funny- not the joke, me asking for one.

     H-- had me sit on the bed. “I have some bathing suits I want to try on for you. I’m excited for summ...

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Table of Contents

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