Forged In Flame
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They all stood side by side against the dragon, its form blocking every possible escape route. Charlie was the first to make a move, flying around the dragon’s head and slamming the back of its head with a fireball. The dragon shook its head, whuffled its nostrils, then casually swatted Charlie from the sky with its tail. His dragon transformation faded, and he fell into Dave’s waiting arms. Even as he was falling, Sherry and Carla opened fire with a keen aim on the creature’s eyes. They snapped shut, and bullets bounced off harmlessly. With the dragon blinded for a moment, though, Simon saw his chance. He thought about the children. He thought about Howard’s sacrifice. He thought about his own doubts and fears, and washed them away with the surety of the moment. He knew where he was and wha...

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Table of Contents

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