The Door
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The door all but fell open, swinging back on its hinges. The open door revealed a long room with a high ceiling. Corpses of children lay all around, battered and broken in innumerable different ways. All of them looked to be no older than their early teenage years, and some looked as young as toddlers. Still others lay breathing, but seemingly in a coma.


“These…”, Sherry said weakly, her voice wavering. “They’re all kids. Mostly dead.”, Simon finished. “Sick bastards. What is all this?!” Cory went to work shaking and yelling at all of the bodies that were breathing, but couldn’t wake any of them. “These kids all have a bit of demonic energy in them.”, Charlie chimed in. Howard nodded his affirmative. “Guys…”, he breathe...

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Table of Contents

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