A Plan In Place
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“Shit.”, Howard spouted summarily. A chorus of curses erupted from the group, save for Sherry, who opted to scream. A large metal slab stood where the entry door once was, and it had been bolted to the wall. The slab bore more bloody text, reading, “Can’t you fuckers read? Now you all die.” The place’s windows were barred, making that door their only way out without going further in to look for another exit. “Alright, fuck this shit,” Carla breathed out shakily, “I’m calling the cops.” She dug her smartphone from her pocket and dialed the emergency number. The call tried to connect, then dropped. She tried again and again, each attempt more frantic. Finally, she screamed in frustration and put her phone away. The group stood in silence for a while, each one che...

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Table of Contents

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