The Eight Days of the Week (7)
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And so it was that a new day came to be. After Thor’s day but before Freya’s day came the day of the Apples. And on that day—Æbledag—the gods would leave Asgard and walk into the human world to visit a little hut, to eat an Apple, and so be forever young.

The humans soon learn to loved the eight-day week. One more day to rest, one more day to work, one more day to live. It made everyone happy. Longer summers to enjoy the warmth of the earth and the bright of the sun. Longer winters to tell stories by the fire, enjoying the bounty that longer springs and autumns provide.

Everyone loved Apples day. Everyone but Loki.

Still angry at Idun, at Thor, at Odin, at everyone but himself, even if he had been the one who didn’t take a bite out of f...

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