Vestal Virgin (11)
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Five days after the equinox, Lucretia entered the Basilica for the first time. She climbed the steps veiled and barefoot, same as the other five women walking at her side.

Aemelia had taught her how to perform the ceremony. How to removed the ashes from below the embers, then add some dried wood before throwing a handful of dried leaves, letting some of the smoke escaped to carry the essence of pine, rosemary and lavender high and across the Basilica.

Lucretia would worked the smallest of the fires, as it was fitting of the new Vestal, one that might not stay to serve in the City. Aemelia, as the greatest of the Vestal, would rekindle the main fire, the one closest to the altar.

But today was not a normal ceremony. The King was in town, and he would come to watch them perform the...

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