Some Days Are Better Than Others (1)
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The dogs barked for a minute, maybe two. It was neither a good thing, nor a normal one. Not mid winter when only the foxes were stubborn enough to stay around and make noise. I went to the backdoor, remembering to grab the lantern from the shelf in the kitchen. Some daylight still filtered through the naked trees, but the back of the garden was already in shadows.

I traced the path from the door to end of the lawn, pointing the light beam down. Nothing. Just the dogs, going back and forth along the hedge. I slapped my leg twice. The dogs stopped barking and ran to the house.

Sleek with moisture, the tiled floor of the porch demanded my full attention; you learn to be extra careful with even the silliest of things if there’s no one around, close or far, to help you if you fall. I...

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