You, alone (2)
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The next night, silent as a thief, the old man walked away, leaving the newly weds happy in each other’s arms.

And they were happy for many days, for high in the mountain spring was a wonderful time. But time never stops, not even for the most beautiful girl in the world, and soon, spring gave way to the summer, and summer turned to autumn, then winter. And as the air grew icy, Airien turned fearful. “We need to leave this place,” he said one morning to Mara. “There’s not enough food or firewood here to survive the winter. Let’s go to my family, my mother will be happy to meet you.”

Mara laughed at his words. “My sweet puppy, there’s nothing to worry. The family is coming.”

Airien had not laughed. He had only worried. More, as the nig...

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