Honeymoon (2)
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The place, this new forest, overwhelms my senses with its eeriness. The twisted roots, spider’s limbs anchored deep down the brackish waters, seem about to move.  The branches, merging into a dense canopy atop our heads, promise protection and comfort.

I let my thoughts get lost in the wonderful greenery. For so many years I hoped to come back, to revisit the place that propelled me into the path I walk today. And now that I’m finally here, this old friend, this piece of land I got to know so well, has found a way to surprised me.

 As my sight darts from one wonder to the next, I feel as if I’ve never been here before. It’s not only the trees, but also the hammering of the woodpeckers, and the iguanas moving lazily between branches, and the buzzing of the multicol...

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Table of Contents

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