There\'s a monster in my bed. Oh wait. It\'s a baby.
By Briana Bryon

Kara Klotz      3/16/19 5:08 AM

Begging for a sequel!
Briana Bryon      7/31/19 7:54 PM
Its on my list of things to do 🙂

Lucas C. Wheeler      5/25/17 4:55 AM

"There really should be a font for sarcasm": I nominate Comic Sans. ;)
Briana Bryon      5/27/17 7:21 AM
Omg. I really don't know what to write back. A) Your humour sucks and B) hahahaha!

Bill McStowe      5/24/17 3:33 PM

"Looks" I bet Mother Theresa never did 3 loads of laundry and painted her nails blue in the same day!
Briana Bryon      5/27/17 7:16 AM
It was over a week. But I appreciate that you think highly of my capabilities ☺

Kerriann      2/10/17 10:22 AM

"So, in the end, you live and learn and once you start baking cookies for other Tiny Monsters, pregnant women and especially for the church, you don’t have to be sorry for any of your mistakes. Looks like I’m finally getting the hang of parenting." I don't think I've read anything so funny and so true at the same time.
Briana Bryon      2/11/17 3:32 AM
Thank you Kerriann!

Briana Bryon      2/10/17 3:20 PM
Thank you Kerriann!

Kerriann      11/11/16 11:23 AM

Absolutely loving this series. I can't get enough of it!!
Briana Bryon      11/13/16 6:51 PM
Thanks Kerriann! You have given me encouragment to stop complaining about lack of sleep, get back to the keyboard and write about it instead. ☺

Valerie Brown      10/13/16 12:25 AM

All this is true. I've been pregnant twice, and it's quit the nauseating adventure. I've only read 2 posts, but I'm hooked!
Briana Bryon      11/13/16 6:52 PM
Hi Valerie, Anyone with more than 1 child is either a hero or a weirdo. I'm going to assume you are a hero. 😉

Jenifer Higgins      9/21/16 10:08 PM

Briana, thanks for the suggestion! I'll check it out. Don't worry no offense taken at all :) It's weird living in a country that seems to be taking over the culture of a lot of other countries. I knew American culture was pervasive in Asia and some parts of Europe, but it's so weird that American culture influences Australia too! I wonder why that is and what the lasting effects of this globalization will be. It would really be a shame if 1,000 years from now there is no such thing as "different cultures" and we're all just one uniform culture. Diversity makes life interesting and challenging. Yeah, it seems like kangaroos are to Australia what deer are to America :P It's just so neat that you guys have such exotic ( us anyway) animals just running around! Like what happens if they get in your yard? Do they cause a lot of problems in neighborhoods? I'd love to read a column about them :)

Jenifer Higgins      9/21/16 9:48 PM

"Due to the fact that murder is illegal, these people are still alive."-so funny! :) Australia has a lot of cool animals :) Kangaroos are the best! But there are also a lot of cool marsupials. It's also cool that there is so much dessert and it's both a country and a continent. Australia has a neat history as well. It's interesting that it was first colonized as a penal colony. Criminals were sent to an unsettled continent! It's a lot like America in that Australia also had Native People there before being colonized. I really want to learn more about the aboroginal culture and how colonization affected them. I got really interested in Australia when I read the book "The Slap". There's still a lot I don't know though. Like I had no idea that American culture was becoming so pervasive in Australia. I also didn't know that baby showers are considered an American tradition. I found that really interesting.

Jenifer Higgins      9/21/16 9:18 PM

I'm really enjoying this series so far! Your voice is very witty and clever. The pace moves along at a nice clip too. I thought it was funny that you say you dated every single guy in the city twice to make sure he wasn't the weirdo you thought he was :P So funny. That's the worst feeling! When you're like "Is this guy a creep.....or am I imagining it??" I also love that the series takes place in Australia. I think Australia is such a cool place. The protagonist in my series is named Australia :)
Briana Bryon      9/21/16 9:56 PM
You should read The Secret River by Kate Granville. It's a classic here, about the colonization of the Hawkesbury River (Sydney area). Yeah, USA culture here is a bit of an issue, no offense. My best mate at Uni was Canadian and he was always saying he may as well have gone to America instead of Sydney. But we do get Krispy Kreme now, omg they are amazing! Kangaroos are everywhere, I'll do a column with them for you. ☺

Briana Bryon      9/21/16 9:29 PM
Hey Jennifer, cheers for the comments. Is there something in particular you like about Australia? I'll incorporate it for you. I'm going to check out Soliptical now!

Bill McStowe      8/31/16 4:46 AM

I am really enjoying this series. Thanks for the laughs!
Briana Bryon      9/07/16 9:12 PM
Thanks Bill.