Rockmelon toes
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Meals in our family are a strange thing. I don’t eat meat and MJ doesn’t eat anything but meat. He’s a lot like the dog in that way, but not in many other ways, I assure you. MJ doesn’t believe he can pull an aeroplane out of the sky by barking and jumping really, really high. At least not that he has admitted to me.

So, most nights I have to cook 3 different meals. Can you believe it? And I HATE cooking, it is possibly the most boring thing a human can do apart from anything to do with golf. One with meat, one with kidney beans, one with full-fat everything smooshed together and one with lobster and wagyu cooked to perfection.

The last meal is for the dog.  

So here is an interesting fact; food is very important to not-so-tiny-monster&rsquo...

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